Another thing I don’t understand

Artist’s Statements. I mean why? If the artist has something to say, shouldn’t you see it in the art? And if not and you need an explanation, maybe the art isn’t very good. That’s what I always thought.

Or maybe I was just too lazy to write statements. Or maybe I just don’t know enough words. I certainly don’t pay attention to grammar rules.

And who reads the statements anyway? Just pretentious gallery denizens. (Look at that, a big word.) After reading some Artist’s Statements, my brain feels like mush for days. Well a few minutes anyway. If I even get through them.

But at the Portrait of America show at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, people kept asking me for one. Regular, normal people. Oops, I guess they’re a real thing. People want some sort of explanation for the art and it’s my job to supply it. So I posted the introduction to the book. People were happy.

I’ve gone wild. I now have Artist’s Statements on my web site. There’s one on the main page. Maybe it’s the start of my memoir. And there are some others throughout. For example, there’s one on the Dune page. You can read it there if you like. I’m going to look at the photographs.

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