Legs, legs, legs …

New images posted on the Legs page.

I’ve been working on these images for a while. Slowly adjusting the size and color to create a consistent look across the set of images. In case someone wants to buy them all and display them on the same wall.

I think I have it right. But I don’t know, the colors may be completely off. They might even be green and I wouldn’t have the foggiest.

Here’s a sample of dancing legs:

Two weeks in a row. Right on time. Is it a new trend, or an aberration?

More popular than Man Ray …

and Irving Penn and Horst P Horst and Howard Schatz. Not as popular as Francesca Woodman. And equal to Minor White. According to these auction results.

But what an auction. Selling items described as “Photo litho” and “Heat Wax Mounted on 8.5×11 Conservation Board”. What the hell does that mean? I think it is a page ripped out of a book and glued to a piece of cardboard. Really! I wonder what they put in the COA?

Good to know that my work has reached the exalted level that it is stolen and sold by the scumbags of the world. I guess. Maybe. No, not at all.

If you want to see the real thing, it is here: