Not mobile friendly?

Every now and then, Google sends me email telling me that they don’t like one of my pages. They said that this site had been down ranked in search results because it was not mobile friendly since three pages had content that appeared outside the boundaries of their simulated phone screen.

The pages on this site adapt to the size of the browser window so I was surprised. Wide like a laptop or tall and skinny like a phone, it’s all supposed to work. But you know, maybe I made a mistake, so I checked.

I looked at the pages as recorded by Google. I didn’t see anything wrong. Then I looked again. Still nothing. There’s no hint as to what they think is wrong.

But there is a button you can press to get your pages reevaluated after you have fixed the problem. I pushed the button. Google now says the pages are great! No, I didn’t change anything. Maybe they were lonely and just wanted me to talk to them.

So what was the problem? I don’t know. Maybe they were afraid she was going to slip and fall out of the frame.

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