Sometimes art has a purpose–it might tell a story, illuminate an issue, or be a call to action. Sometimes it’s so pretentious and heavy-handed it makes you want to puke.
One of my current projects, Legs, is just for fun.

Taking a cue from some of the Marble images, such as,

Legs features, disembodied legs twisted into various shapes. No heads, no bodies. But my definition of legs does go up pretty high, so there will also be butts and other bits. Some of the image may be distorted or surreal, but in the end, they’ll all be legs.

This is my first nude project shot in color. Being slightly color blind (my family might tell you there’s no “slightly” about it) this is something of a challenge, but there aren’t a lot of green people (or so I’ve heard), so I think it will be ok. Give me a scene with trees and grass on the other hand, and who knows what it will turn out like.

Plus since these images are digitally processed and printed, I can measure the colors as I work with them. Numbers I understand, even when I can’t distinguish all of the colors.

Here is the first finished image:

The background is slightly off-white and the skin should be somewhat pastel. I’ve never been that fond of realism, even in black and white. Please let me know how I did with the colors.

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