How big are the prints?

Sometimes that’s a hard question to answer. For example, for the Portrait of America prints which are really big.

Actually the answer is easy, 27″ x 72″, but getting someone to understand what that means is difficult. Most people don’t relate to the numbers. And the prints are too big to lug around and show people.

When showing small prints or the teeny-tiny web site images to people, I’d try telling them, “The real prints are life size.” Still many people were foggy. I felt I was getting nowhere with the wordy explanations.

So I asked two famous friends and photographers to pose in front of the installation mockup. That’s Michael Rosen on the left and Charles Gatewood in the center. Now with one picture, people get it.

On the wall they’re taller than you. You’re going to have to look up at them. The nude people are looking down at you; they’re in charge. Get used to it.

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