Swiping Fun

My web site is now swipe friendly. You can ignore the little buttons and view the site by touching and swiping. In the future I may remove the buttons for touch screens.

Web site programming is so much fun. Sometimes there is a specification. Sometimes it’s public and written; sometimes not. Sometimes it’s even followed. Sometimes different browsers do things differently. And the myriad number of versions, all of which act differently. Then there are the browser bugs, hundreds of bugs all over the place. You have to test every change on every platform and browser combination. But it is getting better; a few years ago displaying images how you wanted to required special browser specific code.

Swiping has been tested on Windows 10/Chrome, Windows 10/Firefox, Android/Chrome, Android/Firefox, and iMac/Safari. For a while it looked like the Android/Chrome combo didn’t work, but that was traced to Google’s caching, which continues to use the cached stuff on a phone even after you tell it to reload! It doesn’t on a PC. Everything works with those combinations, except full screen mode on the iMac. Who knows? If you have a different combo, please let me know how it works.

No swiping on the home page. Swiping fun begins after you select one of the galleries by touching an image.

From an image page:
Swipe up to return to the home page.
Swipe down to get the matrix page.
Touch an image and swipe left or right and the display scrolls so that image is in the spot you left it.
Swipe left or right the full width of the window (actually 80% is enough) and the auto play feature starts.
Swipe again and it goes faster. Try 4 or 5 times. See if you can cause an ocular migraine or other visual event.
Swipe in the other direction and it slows down until eventually it stops.

From a matrix page, swipe up or down to return to the main image page.
Touch any image and it returns to the image page with that image in the center. (This was supposed to work before, but I have bugs too.)

For full screen mode, you still have to use the button. I was going to implement a super cool 2 or 3 finger twirling swipe or something equally hard to remember, but I couldn’t get that data back reliably from the browsers and I got tired of trying. And as I said above, on some platforms full screen mode doesn’t work correctly.

Your reward for reading all of that, is this new image.

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